How To Spot A Fake Gucci Bag In 10 Easy Steps

Gucci was started in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in the city of Florence, Italy. As a worker at the Savoy Hotel, he learned what wealthy customers liked. When he first opened his shop, he sold imported leather luggage.

A trade embargo against Italy made leather hard to find, so Gucci had to use other materials like raffia, wicker, wood, linen, and jute. During this time, Gucci’s signature motif and tanning process were created and became part of the brand’s identity.

Since then, the brand’s sophisticated, androgynous “geek-chic” style has made it a well-known name and one of the most well-known brands in the world.

Gucci Marmont Bag

Gucci has made a lot of different styles over the years, but only a few of them are really popular. The GG Marmont, the Soho Disco Bag, the Dionysus, and the Sylvie are some of these.

Famous people, people who have a lot of influence on fashion, and fashionistas everywhere love the bags in particular.

Because of this, these are also the bags that are most likely to be faked, so keep an especially close eye out for these styles.

Now let’s talk about how to tell if a Gucci bag is fake.

1. Taking an Overall Look at Quality

Even though it’s against the law in the US to sell fake things, it probably happens more often than most people realize. Some fakes look almost exactly like the real thing, but that isn’t always the case. So look at how it was made to start.

When it comes to real Gucci bags, the stitching is usually tighter and more even, the hardware fits more tightly and evenly, and the material is solid and heavy. In the end, the real thing just looks and feels better than the fake.

Gucci Marmont Black

You can also tell the difference between a real and a fake Gucci handbag in four other ways. One of the best things about Gucci bags is the attention to detail in the fabric or leather, the hardware, and the tag with the serial number. Each of these could either convince you that it’s real or convince you that it’s a fake.

2. Serial Number

Most of the time, the serial number will be the easiest way to tell if a Gucci bag is fake. Almost every real Gucci purse had a leather tag sewn into the bag along the seam. This serial number tag has the famous “Gucci” logo on it, but it can also help you tell the difference between a fake and the real thing.

If you turn this leather tab up, you should see the bag’s serial number stamped on it. Bags made after the 1990s will have two rows of numbers, while bags made before that time may only have one.

But your bag shouldn’t have any words on it, no matter when it was made. No letters. Letters on the tag are one of the most obvious signs that a Gucci bag is a fake.

Even though it’s not clear what these numbers mean, this is a detail that not many replica bags have. You can also type these numbers into Google to see if your specific model shows up, but don’t give up if nothing comes up.

Also, don’t worry if the stamping on a new Gucci bag looks blurry or faint. Some materials are harder to stamp clearly on than others.

3. Quality of the Fabric or Leather

Canvas bags

Canvas is the most common material for Gucci handbags, and it can be used to tell if a bag is real or not.

Look at the logo on the canvas to start. Here are the things to look at closely:

  • The two Gs should be facing each other, with the G on the left facing right and the G on the right facing left. It is easy to tell when this is copied incorrectly.
  • The Gs’ serifs should be long and stylish. The piece that goes into the G should be longer than the piece that goes into the other G. They shouldn’t be hard to see. They shouldn’t look too modern or chunky either. Instead, they should be slim and classy.
  • The part of the G that is round should be a perfect oval and not have any points.
  • Whether you use canvas or coated canvas, the logo will be clear and even. It won’t be blurry or unclear.
  • There are also other parts of the cloth that come into play. Between each pair of Gs that touch, there are always two clear “dots” in the shape of a diamond. Some bags that aren’t real will do this wrong. For instance, they could have more or less than two dots, or the dots could be too close together or too far apart. Instead of being printed on the fabric, this pattern should be woven into it. This is not the same as the Gucci fabric that has diamond-shaped dots but no Gs.

Even though the fabric of monogram canvas bags gets softer over time, it is still a bit rougher at first.

Gucci Canvas

Leather bags

Even though a bag’s serial number is often a quick way to tell if it’s real or not, the quality of the leather is also important. Most designer bags are made with good leather, and it’s usually easy to tell the difference between real leather and fake PU leather.

First of all, real leather will usually look like it has some flaws. This includes a grain that isn’t even and a patina on vintage Gucci bags. It should feel soft and buttery to the touch and smell musky in a way that is natural and pleasant.

On the other hand, because it is made by a machine, PU often looks too smooth and plastic-like. One of the best ways to tell is by smelling the bag. Fake leather often smells like chemicals, especially if the bag is new. It could also be either too hard or too soft.

At this point, you should really know what kind of bag you have and do some research. Check the Internet for pictures and reviews of your bag if you can’t try it on in person. Should the leather have more structure or be softer? Did this bag ever come out in this color? Getting these answers can often help you figure out what to do next.

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4. Stitching

The perfect stitching is another thing that sets designer leather goods apart. Many brands know exactly how many stitches are in every part of their bags. Since the stitching is what makes some Gucci bags, like the Marmont and Soho lines, unique, this can be the best way to spot a fake.

The stitching on real Gucci handbags will be very even and there won’t be any loose or broken threads. Patterns like the Marmont chevron, which is their trademark, are spaced in a certain way and should look the same on every bag.

Some stitch patterns, like the “GG” logo on Gucci’s Soho bags, are very hard for even the best replica makers to duplicate. Look up pictures of these patterns and compare them to yours to see if they are a perfect match and if the stitching on the bag is even.

Gucci Stitching

5. Logo Quality

The “GG” logo is probably one of the most well-known things about Gucci bags. It’s easy to recognize and gives their bags a great gold contrast. Lucky for us, this logo is another detail that fake Gucci bags often get wrong.

The two Gs should be uppercase letters with a thin point at the top and a thicker middle, and they should overlap. This double-g logo usually has a soft gold finish and a medium gold tone that is hard to copy. Be wary of styles where the logo is too thin, too shiny, or has a too warm gold tone.

When it comes to Gucci’s signature monogram, the logo and pattern should be the same all over the bag. If there are any mistakes, like Gs that are the wrong size or Gs that aren’t capital letters, the bag is probably a fake.

Gucci logo on bags

6. The Number on the Box

Many people think that the serial number tag is the best way to tell if something is real or not. Most of the time, the Gucci serial number is on a leather patch sewn to the inside of the bag at the top. It is not sewn down on all sides. The tag should be a square or a narrow rectangle with a vertical edge.

The bottoms of bags from the 1990s were a little bit rounder, and some of the details were different. The trademark symbol is missing, and the words “made in Italy” are in all capital letters instead of all lowercase. The word “Gucci” looks the same as it always has.

In recent years, both what’s written on the tag and how it looks have been the same. If you want to buy Gucci bags, take the time to learn about these things. Among them are:

  • A symbol of the brand name at the top of the tag (although very occasionally it will be missing)
  • The word “Gucci” in the middle, with the letter G made the same way it is in the company’s logo, with two “Gs” touching each other.
  • At the bottom, it says “made in Italy.” The words are all written in lowercase letters and use the same font as the company’s name, which is right above them.

7. Hardware

Hardware is often one of those details that people who make replicas don’t pay as much attention to. This gives you the perfect chance to check the details of your own bag and make sure it’s real.

Gucci hardware

First, your real Gucci bag should have good-quality hardware. Hardware on real Gucci items is heavy and made to last. All zippers, locks, and other metal hardware should be in the right place and have the right logos and fonts stamped on them. They also shouldn’t be rusty or broken.

Most replica bags are made with hardware that is cheap and light. Details like zippers might be missing logos or have the wrong fonts and spacing. Make sure to pay attention to everything, from where the hardware is placed to how the zipper pulls look. These little things often mean that an item is not real.

8. Packaging

One of the most exciting parts of getting a new Gucci bag is taking it out of the box. The packaging is of good quality, looks great, and is so much fun to open. But fake bag sellers don’t pay much attention to how their bags are packed, which is a dead giveaway.

All real Gucci bags come with either a dark brown, light brown, white, or black dust bag. It will have the Gucci logo or monogram on it, and it will feel as smooth as silk. If you buy them new, they should also come with information cards that have the right information and fonts, as well as a QR code.

When making replica bags, the packaging is one of the least important parts. After all, they probably bet that you won’t pay much attention to how the bag is packaged. Because of this, the font, color, and material of their dust bags are often wrong. Be careful though, because many sellers will use real dust bags to trick their buyers even more.

9. Controllato Card

Controllato cards, which literally mean “checked cards,” come with every real Gucci handbag. This card shows that the bag has been checked after it has been made.

These cards are easy to copy, so pay close attention to the logo, the spacing, and where the text is centered on each one. There should be three lines of text, and one space should be between each number.

Gucci Controllato Card

10. Interior Tag

As we’ve already said, the serial number is on the back of the interior tag, but the front of the tag can also tell you if the bag is fake.

With real bags, this label is made with a heat stamp that says “made in Italy” and the brand’s name and logo. Just like the serial numbers, this stamping won’t always be perfect and, depending on the material, may be very shallow.

The font and spacing of these stamps are often off on fake bags, and some of them may even be missing. Learn the Gucci logo and compare it to the tag inside your bag to see if the size, font, and spacing are different.

One thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out if a designer bag is real or not is that every bag can have small differences. Even though these bags aren’t very common, they’re often made by hand and sometimes have flaws. A stitch that isn’t in the middle doesn’t always mean that a bag is fake.

Also, a bag that looks perfect on the outside might not be real. There was a time when replica bags were just cheap copies that were easy to spot. There is a big market for fake bags online, and every day, the people who make them get better at making them look like the real thing.

Some of them can look exactly the same as the real thing. So don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on luxury brand designer goods based only on how they look.

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