The Coco Chanel Logo: The History, Meaning, And Change

Chanel is one of the best fashion brands in the world right now. The brand is known for combining traditional art with creative expressions from the cutting edge.

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known by her nickname Coco Chanel, opened her fashion house in 1909. In the same year, she also created the famous Chanel logo. The Coco Chanel logo is a prominent part of every piece of jewelry, bag, and dress that the fashion house makes. The Chanel logo has become a big part of the brand’s image because of how it is used.

Chanel logo

The Covid-19 pandemic was bad for businesses all over the world. “Revenues in the global fashion industry fell by 20 percent in 2019–2020,” which was unthinkable. According to the McKinsey Global Fashion Index, almost 7% of well-known fashion brands left the market for good because they were “in financial trouble or were bought by competitors.” But fashion experts and marketing experts think that by 2022, the fashion industry will be back on its feet thanks to rapid changes in the digital world and a number of sustainability programs.

Top brands are coming back quickly, and Chanel is at the top of the list. The fashion giant is quickly getting back on its feet after the pandemic, reaching double-digit growth this year. Chanel said that its sales would drop by 18% in 2020, which is more than most of its competitors. But after making a strong comeback, Chanel can only hope to keep moving forward in 2022. Coco Chanel had nothing to start with, but she built an empire. They are paying tribute to the founder of the brand by working hard to get back on their feet.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel, the designer, had a lot of elegance, style, strength, and grace, which are all big parts of the famous Chanel logo. The intertwining “Cs” in the Chanel logo was made to represent the name of the company’s founder, but they also represent sophistication, luxury, and elegance.

A short history of Chanel

Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883, in Saumur, France. Her childhood was normal. When she was young and her mother died, she was sent to an orphanage. The nuns who took care of Coco as a child taught her how to sew clothes. The skills she learned at the orphanage helped her become the best fashion designer in the world.

Coco moved to Paris when she was 20. There, she quickly moved up the social ladder. She became friends with powerful people at the time, who helped her become well-known in the upper classes.

Coco Chanel designer

Chanel opened her first store in 1909. At first, she made hats for women, including the wives and mistresses of wealthy men. During this time, she also learned a lot about the different styles the rich liked to wear.

Chanel saw a glimpse of her bright future on a cold morning in France. To keep warm, the designer made a dress out of an old jersey. People who saw her asked her if she could make one for them. Chanel says that this was the time when everything changed for her. “That old jersey I put on is what made me rich. Just because Deauville was cold.

Chanel logo

The people in charge of Chanel are very protective of their logo, which is a key part of their brand. The Chanel logo has become one of the most well-known symbols in the world. Let’s look at the logo in more depth.

Chanel logo in depth

What the Chanel logo means

People think that the Chanel logo is a big reason why the fashion brand has done so well. It’s not surprising that the now-iconic logo was made by Coco Chanel herself. You might think that the two Cs that interlock are her name, but there is an interesting story behind how it was made.

The journey of the logo starts at the orphanage where Chanel lived for a lot of her childhood. A common story says that Chanel was inspired by the way the curves in a glass window of the Aubazine Church, which housed the orphanage, looked like they were woven together.

The logo stands for the name Chanel and her amazing life. Chanel’s story of how she went from being poor to rich can be an example for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. The logo stands for her hard work, faith, struggle, and eventual success.

Major fashion houses around the world often use black text on a white background. Black and white logos seem to go well with well-known fashion brands like Zara and Gucci. Simple is the word to remember when it comes to branding. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, keeping things simple can take you a long way. The Coco Chanel logo is a mix of simplicity, class, and minimalism. This has helped the fashion house build its brand identity.

Chanel Black Flap bag

The idea that “less is more” was important to Coco Chanel can be seen in her designs and logo. As a business owner or graphic designer, your main goal when making the brand’s visual identity should be to show off the most important parts of the brand. There are only two parts to the Chanel logo: an icon and a wordmark. Both parts of the logo are beautifully balanced to show what the brand is all about: being simple and classy.

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Changes to the Chanel logo

As some of the most famous fashion houses, Chanel has always used the same logo. Coco designed the now-famous Chanel logo, which is based on her ideas about geometry, style, grace, and comfort. In this section, we mostly talk about the different logos that a brand has used over time. The fashion house decided to keep its original logo because it shows what is best about the well-known brand.

Chanel logo’s color scheme

The logo for Chanel is done in black and white. Together, they represent elegance, perfection, harmony, simplicity, professionalism, and creativity. A gold version of the logo can be found on many Chanel items to represent glamor, wealth, and luxury.

Type of the Chanel logo

The Couture typeface was made by Chase Babb, who was influenced by the way Coco Chanel wrote. All of Chanel’s products, including the logo, use the same font. The Couture font looks like classic sans-serif fonts like Double Porter and RoundCut Bold. Chanel later bought the rights to the font.

Fun facts

  • Some people think that the number 13 is unlucky, but Chanel thought that it brought her luck.
  • Karl Lagerfeld made the logo of the famous interlocking Cs after Coco Chanel died as a way to honor her.
  • Black was only worn when bad things happened, but Coco Chanel, who loved the color, brought it back into fashion.
  • Chanel put charms on some of her bags because of the men she loved.
  • Because of World War II, Chanel had to close her fashion house in 1939. But when she was 71 years old, in 1954, she opened it back up.
  • Chanel never got married, but she had many lovers. Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster, was her main love interest. They had been going out for ten years. When the Duke asked for her hand in marriage, she said, “There are many Duchesses, but there is only one Coco Chanel.”
  • In court, Chanel lost its case against Huawei over a trademark.

Chanel Black 1984

Why is the Chanel logo so well-known?

The Chanel logo has become a well-known symbol of elegance, style, and wealth. Let’s look at the different parts of the Chanel logo that make it so well-known.


Some of the world’s most powerful logos are surprisingly simple. From Coca-Cola to Starbucks, the most popular brands have logos that are surprisingly easy to make. A simple logo sends important messages by putting the focus on the most important parts of a brand. The Chanel logo is a great example of how to keep things simple. Even though it has style, grace, and glitz, it is surprisingly simple.

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If you are interested in a logo from the first time you see it, it is likely to stick in your mind. When a customer can easily remember your logo, she is more likely to connect with your brand. The intertwined Cs in the Chanel logo catch everyone’s attention right away and stay in their minds forever. Few logos have the power to really grab people’s attention, but the Chanel logo always does.


The logo’s relevance is one of the most important things about it. An icon is always relevant to the market that the brand is trying to reach. Relevance is made by putting together the right colors, fonts, and symbols, which is what designers and marketers do. The Chanel logo not only shows who the brand is and what it stands for, but it also shows what the market wants. The Chanel logo, which is black and white, is a good example for designers and marketers who want to make good logos.


The best logos in the world stand out and are still important even after many years. Timeless logos don’t change with time. Instead, they have their own unique style. The logo for Chanel is creative and unique. The Chanel logo was made to show what the brand stands for, not to follow a trend.

The Chanel logo is well-known because of the above design elements. Even though fashions come and go, the Chanel logo has stood the test of time and stayed as stylish as the day it was made.

Chanel bag collection

Difference between Chanel, Gucci, and Hermès

The four most expensive luxury brands in the world are Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Gucci is all about sensuality, Hermès gets ideas from its equestrian roots and isn’t as serious as other luxury brands, and Chanel is all about timeless elegance and free-spirited femininity.

From poverty to wealth: Coco Chanel

A lot of biographers say that Coco Chanel was and still is a mystery. She had a life full of contradictions, but her true intentions were always clear. Coco Chanel’s childhood taught her to be resourceful and to have instincts for survival, which were her keys to success in the long run. So, in the end, she changed the way women dressed and built a powerful fashion empire that is still going strong today. The fact that she was brave and worked hard throughout her hard life shows that she really did make it on her own. “My life didn’t make me happy, so I changed it.She not only made herself a well-known designer around the world, but she also showed that anyone can be successful if they work hard. From a broken family and a lonely orphanage, she worked hard to become the woman she was.

It’s crazy that a logo has been the face of a brand for 96 years without being changed. Visions and identities of brands can sometimes change over time as a business grows. But if you are firm in your values and they are based on goodwill, they don’t need to change. The Coco Chanel logo and her line of products have a lot in common, including quality, appeal, modesty, sophistication, and elegance. With these rules in place, the company and its brand will continue to be a timeless and classic part of the world for as long as we can see.

I don’t care about style. I’m in style.

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